The Two Sides

There are two sides to every story – one side that is the truth and the other side, false  

Meaning of Consent

Sexual intimacy is between consenting adults. An act without consent is an act of violence. Consent can be withdrawn at any stage. No means no. ‘No’ is not a ‘yes’. ‘Maybe’ is not a ‘yes’. Watch my insights on the meaning of sexual consent in conversation with Meeta Gutgutia of #SippingThoughts Sukirti (Suki) Gupta

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One Night in Nagrota

In recent weeks Chushul has been in the news. It has the highest airfield in the world. This airfield was built in 1961. Our father and his friend since Kindergarten, Col. Trilok Mehrotra, were part of the elite force that build the airfield. When winter set in, they were both sent to Nagrota, a town… Continue reading One Night in Nagrota

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