One Night in Nagrota

In recent weeks Chushul has been in the news. It has the highest airfield in the world. This airfield was built in 1961. Our father and his friend since Kindergarten, Col. Trilok Mehrotra, were part of the elite force that build the airfield. When winter set in, they were both sent to Nagrota, a town […]
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An Inspiring Life

Sushma Swaraj belonged to all of us, she leaves behind a lasting legacy. Meenakshi Arora & Payal Chawla Every once in a generation, there comes a leader who provides a beacon of hope. For our generation that leader was Sushma Swaraj. As women lawyers, her journey was so personally inspiring to us. But the truth is […]
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Our Father – An Officer and Gentlemen

(01.09.1938-19.02.2019) Some years ago, my father— true to his style — summoned me and said: “you, young lady, will deliver my eulogy.” Half in jest and partly trying to lighten the mood, I joked, “Daddy, – it’s because I write so well, na?”. “Well – it is not bad. You are given 7 on 10 […]
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